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Pokemon Go to Open Houses

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Pokemon Go and Innovative Marketing Pokemon Go History The Pokemon GO app craze has turned our streets and cities into the world’s largest scavenger hunt through the same technology that is used with Google Earth. John Hanke, was the founder of a small company in 2001 called Keyhole Inc in California, which Google bought in […]

Social Media Marketing Your Home

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Going Social to Sell your House Today’s social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram have moved past a place for people to get in touch with loved ones, to a powerful advertising and marketing tool for big business in addition to local business owners. Don’t let them have all the fun. If you are […]

Productive at Work with 6 Tips

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Tips on Staying Productive at Work Staying productive can be a challenge. Every work environment has its own distinct distractions. From the loud open plan workplace at many business, to the lure of the fridge/sofa/television for many home-based workers, it would seem that it’s extremely difficult for the modern employee to be as efficient as they […]

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