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Discover the Diversity of Golf Courses

Benefits of Golf and the Various Types of Courses to Play Most avid golf enthusiasts understand that generally, no two courses are the same, however, many are still classified within various categories: For example, Desert, Heath-land, Length, Park, Ownership, and Parkland. Recent innovations have included landscape specific courses like desert courses, sand courses, and even […]

Realtor House Painting Tips

Exterior House Painting Tips from Your Local Realtor One of the biggest home-maintenance projects for a homeowner can be the exterior painting because paint and caulking form the first line of defense against rain, snow, and ice. And a nice paint job will enhance the curb appeal and resale value of your home, too. You want to repair […]

Prescott Lakes and Golf Swing Tips

  7 Golf Swing Tips In the golf swing, the turbines are the large muscles of your hips, back, and legs. Your shoulders, arms, and club shafts are the transmission lines, where levers acting like transformers ratchet up the power until finally the energy is dumped to the end user–the golf ball. Power begins at […]

Staging Your House for Increased Value

6 Realtor Tips for Staging Your House and Increasing Value Staging a home raises its value in a competitive market; however, this process can be pricey and stressful if not properly done. When you’re trying to attract buyers to secure a deal on your home you need to get them excited. Nobody likes going into […]

A look at Real Estate and Single Women

The rise of single women in the real estate market   Year over year, single women are making huge strides in home-ownership. Gender,marriage status, and mortgages don’t get a great deal of research focus in real estate, however, 2 new reports analyze the exceptional function of single women in the home acquisition market and the […]

Prescott My Hometown

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  Experience Prescott, Arizona Prescott, Arizona is one the best places in America to live. Thanks to our mild climate and four distinct seasons we enjoy fresh air, perfect weather, wonderful locations to visit and some of the friendliest people around.  We are located in the Bradshaw Mountains of central Arizona, described as the mile […]

Buying with a Loan Recast

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Buy before you Sell with a Loan Recast What’s a loan recast you might ask? It is quite common for homeowners to struggle with the decision of buying a new home before they are able to purchase another home. Most homeowners today have to sell their current home first and hope to the timing works out […]

10 House Painting Tips

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Painting your House No house improvement project restores, shields as well as beautifies a house as quickly, properly and also affordably as outside painting. A new coat of paint can totally change a house, and while painting a house can be a big job, it’s a project that can be finished in a week or […]

Remodeling Trends 2016

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Top Remodeling Trends 2016 When you’ve stayed in your home for some time, an impulse to alter a couple of things could take control of you. You may find yourself looking into a potential remodeling project. However, the task often gets pushed back and neglected because most people don’t know where to start. Here Are 5 popular […]

Housing Boom Far From Over

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Reasons that the Existing Real Estate Boom Is Far From Over There has been an increase in home purchases over the past couple of years. Houses have been selling like hot cakes, in a manner of speaking… Indicating that this real estate boom is far from over. There are a couple of factors that have been pointed […]

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