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Best and Worst Remodels

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The Best and Worst Remodeling Projects to Take-On in 2016 The No. 1 indoor improvement that upped the value of a home was a total (or even partial) kitchen area remodel. According to the NAR/NARI report, that’s the remodeling that has the most appealing to home buyers, as well as the biggest increase seen to affect resale value. […]

Real Estate Technology

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Technology is really changing the landscape within business Today Realtors (as well as others in the industry) do business dramatically different from the past and are impacted by technology in the way they handle their operation. Let’s look at a couple of examples illustrating how technology is affecting real estate. Information Inaccuracies Combined With Consumer Access Is Troublesome For Agents Today, […]

Getting A Home Loan

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Qualifying for a Home Loan may be easier than you thought… Buying a house is usually the biggest investment in your life and it can bring you the largest Return on your Investment. Getting qualified can be easier than you think. There are practically an unlimited number of compensating factors depending upon the home owner loan candidate’s circumstance– […]

Top #7 Apps for Prescott Home Buyers and Sellers

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Donny’s Top 7 Apps for Prescott Home Buyers and Sellers Anyone who has bought or sold a home knows there are a number of tasks within this process. Nowadays, technology is making everything easier for today’s consumers. For example, certain apps on the iPhone and iPad are definitely worth looking into to make this a more […]

First Time Home Buyer

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  Why being a First Time Home Buyer can be Rewarding There are a number of benefits you receive in life when you start on the path of home ownership. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits and why it’s essential for young or older people to strive to own their first home. […]

Prescott ‘Supply and Demand’ real estate.

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Understanding Supply and Demand in Prescott Real Estate Understanding supply and demand is a fundamental aspect to achieve success in real estate (or any market for that matter). Generally speaking, a real estate market consists of sellers and buyers in the purchase of real property. A number of variables go into pricing within the real estate market; […]

Negotiating Realtor Commissions

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  Important Factors in Negotiating Realtor Commissions   Another important factor that guides many sellers when choosing which real estate agent they want to market their home is Realtor commissions. Often times, people are short sighted with this one. A number of people mistakenly believe lower commission charged equal more money in his or her pocket. This can be faulty thinking and often times […]

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