Discover the Diversity of Golf Courses

Benefits of Golf and the Various Types of Courses to Play

Most avid golf enthusiasts understand that generally, no two courses are the same, however, many are still classified within various categories: For example, Desert, Heath-land, Length, Park, Ownership, and Parkland. Recent innovations have included landscape specific courses like desert courses, sand courses, and even snow courses.

Active 55 and over Golf Course Communities

Active retirement and age restricted communities are housing communities designed for older adults who are generally able to care for themselves. The more active communities promote activities and socialization opportunities. One of the more popular ‘active’ communities would incorporate golf courses, social clubs, fitness centers, and other amenities for age-qualified adults to take advantage of. Clermont Realtor, Tania Matthews points out that subdivisions like Clermont Kings Ridge, which boasts 2.100 homes surrounded by two beautiful golf courses where retirees can enjoy exclusive golf memberships in their retirement near popular locations for shopping and dining. Retirement communities are often built in warm climates and are common in Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas.

Desert Golf Courses

These types of golf courses are primarily found in the southwestern U.S. Generally, located in desert climates, and for that reason are watered greatly. This usually results in green oases in the middle of a desert and sand. Typically, desert courses are flat in nature within the landscape they are found. Some of the best features include lakes, large sand pits or waste areas outlining the fairways, and pitched greens. A distinctive landscape of cacti, palm trees, rocky outcrops, and sand give a very characteristic feel to these types of courses.

desert-golf-course Discover the Diversity of Golf Courses

Heath-land Courses

Have you ever heard of a Heath-land course? Heath-land courses are described as inland courses that attribute moderate, rolling fairways twisting through a setting full of greenery and vegetation, but also include a few hefty trees. For example, the Ryder Cup events like Walton Heath are these styles of course that also include some of the oldest courses found in the U.K.

Length of Course

While most of the golfers today play golf on 18-hole full-length course, there are ‘length of courses’ that include 9-hole options, executive courses, par three’s, and miniature style courses for people to enjoy. This diversity of courses is geared towards those who have limited amounts of time available or for those who are newbie’s and just starting to play. Either way, there are numerous options available for today’s golfers.

Ownership or Private Courses

Also known as ‘Private Courses’ where the owners of the course choose to make the course either available for all or confine play to a specific collection of people within their rules. For example, a hotel could control play to only allow guests into their course. Then there is the semi-private course where the golf courses may sell memberships and allow members to invite non-members and/or book times for the public to play. Basically, a semi-private course includes elements of a private golf course with that of a public golf course. However, if a golf course club owns the actual course, they can make it a private club exclusively for their members. In retrospect, municipal courses run by a city or town will more than likely offer the public to play.

Parkland Courses

This golf course is probably the most common to be found in the United States. In a ‘parkland course,’ you would generally find luxuriant, well-kept greens, fairways, full-grown trees, with broad bunkers increasing difficulty. These types of courses are typically found inland. However, some of these excellent golf courses can be situated near coastlines.

resort-golf-courses Discover the Diversity of Golf Courses

Resort Courses

Predominantly you will find Resort courses in vacation and retirement states like California and Florida. These types of courses are generally found within resort companies or hotels and are intended to be a pleasurable to play for guests, in spite of skill level. For example, they will usually have wider fairways with the rough being cut fairly short giving those with fewer skills more enjoyment through improved performance. Additionally, this will aid in the speed of play on potentially busier courses during busy ‘seasons’. These courses are found to be in stunning surroundings where they are visually appealing with full-grown trees, lakes, and deep superficial sand traps.

Snow Courses

Similar concept to the desert courses, snow courses are a rather fresh creation. These courses are going to be white opposed to the green courses we are used and most players use a bright colored ball. This type, of course, is still considered to be a sport based golf played, just played over the snow or ice, instead of playing on grass. For obvious reasons, the “greens” are termed “whites” that has a well-maintained snow or icy surface.

snow-golf Discover the Diversity of Golf Courses

Why Golf is Great

Today, in almost every sport you can think of (baseball, basketball, tennis, soccer, and racquetball) you will notice the court or field never really changes. This is due to a number of reasons within the rules of the games, some may have various surrounds, but generally, they are the same.
However, this is not the same for golf. If you are the type of person who gets bored with a form of a golf course, you merely need to travel to a different location and try another course that is probably a completely diverse experience. This may become a person’s motivation to play and even attempt to conquer various courses he or she may come across. Additionally, each course usually has its different challenges, obstacles, and character.

Another great facet of golf is that you don’t need anyone else to play with to enjoy the sport. This is different that sports like basketball or soccer where it’s tough to play the actual game without other players. Although with golf, you can get out and enjoy your surrounding while playing alone and improving your game. For those who travel and may be out of town, this is a nice added benefit to playing golf. In fact, many golfers prefer to play the sport by themselves. For them, it’s a way to clear their mind and just relax.

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