Halloween Movies to Watch on Netflix

#10 Top Halloween Movies on Netflix

netflix Halloween Movies to Watch on Netflix

Whether you enjoy watching scary movies, you are in the mood for good scare or you prefer celebrating Halloween with a little of levity, there is a Halloween movie on Netflix, regardless of your taste or preferences for this season.

If the Halloween-themed films leave you paralyzed with terror, you can guarantee that there is something for everybody to enjoy on Netflix today, from kid-friendly favorites to classic horrors. For everyone who is in the mood for a good scare, there are various scariest movies that are available currently for streaming. Choose your poison and be prepared for your Halloween movie session with your loved ones on Netflix.

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The Village

The residents of Covington, a small Pennsylvania town, fear the mysterious creatures who reside in a nearby forest. When compared to some Halloween movies, this film of M. Night Shvamalan has a shocking final twist.


It based on a non-fiction book that was authored by Robert Graysmith, the film of David Fincher follows a group of cops a cartoonist Graysmith, and a journalist as they hunt for a mysterious Zodiac killer that terrorizes San Francisco Bay Area. The lead actors in this film are Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey, Jr.

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Corpse Bride

It’s another Tim Burton’s stop-motion treat. This movie follows a young who marries a dead woman accidentally the night before his wedding.


This film is for kids, yet if you are freaked out by the thought of a young girl that enters an alternate dimension where her other parents have black buttons for their eyes and wanted her to stay forever, you are not alone as some find it interesting. This film is based on Neil Gaiman’s book.

The Awakening

An author intent to debunk ghost stories is hired by a boarding school teacher to probe ghost reports following the student’s death. Isaac Hempstead-Wright of Game of Thrones and Imelda Staunton of Harry Potter are also part of the film.


Photojournalists should help his employer’s daughter escape from the area along the border of Mexico and United States that’s occupied by aliens.

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Curse of Chucky

This famous doll murderer returns for the 6th installment in the franchise of Child’s Play in this gruesome slasher.

The Babadook

Stephen King described this as highly recommended and deeply disturbing. The Babadook sees a mother attempt to rid her home of the frightening monster borne from the storybook found on the shelf of her son. It is one of the finest horror movies of all time and Netflix can let you enjoy this.

13 Cameras

The newlywed couple expecting their 1st child move into a home where their landlord installed cameras and watches their moves.

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It Follows

After she slept with her new boyfriend for the very first time, a college student was pursued by a creature to kill her unless she could pass the curse along to somebody else through sex. As its title implies, this would stay with you after the credits roll.

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