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I know all the great locations Prescott has to offer. However, have you discovered what other areas that consist of the quad cities offer? There’s also Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Paulden, and Dewey-Humboldt that all have their own charm (depending upon what you’re looking for). Prescott Valley has some great subdivisions and is considered more affordable if you’re looking for a newer home in comparison to Prescott’s price points. From neighborhoods like Granville, Viewpoint, and even Pronghorn you can find some great value in 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2-3 Car Garages newer homes in wonderful communities. However, if you desire more of a rural setting you will want to explore area’s like Poquito Valley, Prescott Prairie, American Ranch, Legend Hills, Antelope Meadows, and much, much more. Then their’s the rural settings of Chino Valley, where you can find farms, ranches, and homes on acreage with even better value in some areas.  Want to be even further out? Then head past Chino into Paulden to getting even more away from it all. Another fun town to explore is Dewey-Humboldt that has an older golf course community at the Country Club that has a lot of character and choices for someone who desires a more established area predominately with retirees. However, if you like a newer subdivision you will want to check out Qualwood out in Dewey. This is a great community with a nice clubhouse, pool, gym, and other amenities. Even Prescott has some remote forested subdivisions out in Big Bug Mesa, Groom Creek, Dearing Park, Ponderosa Park, Highland Pines, and Walker to name to most popular. All of these areas have their own charm and could take a few days to visit all of them. If you like being closer into town and have the feeling of being in the pines, I would suggest one of our more popular areas of town in the Mountain Club. I was born and raised here in Prescott and have lived in all areas of town. Let me help you discover what community or neighborhood aligns best with your families desires and needs. Call me, Donny Karcie.

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