Mile High Mystic Harvest Fest – October 21st

Mile High Mystic Harvest Fest @ The Hassayampa Inn

20248120_323963518064575_7348631469129382864_o-1024x768 Mile High Mystic Harvest Fest - October 21st

Free Classes, Massage, Intuitive Readings, Healers, Vendors, Aura Photos, Astrology. hosted by Mile High Mystics

The Mile High Mystics hold 4 festivals per year at the Hassayampa Inn located on the corner of Gurley & Marina Streets. The fairs are in February, May, July & October. This will be the last of the fairs to come and enjoy a variety of activities that include: Free classes, Vendors, Intuitive Readers, Astrologers, Massage and the Healing Arts. At each fair portions of the day’s proceeds are donated to support local charities for animals or people. The Mile High Mystics have been going strong since 1994. For more information go to

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