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Nestled comfortably and strategically in the rolling Arizona Mountains, just around 2 hours north of Phoenix, is the historic town of Prescott AZ. Prescott used to be the Territorial Capitol of Arizona. Our hometown has managed to nurture and preserve its historical roots, and thanks to its mile-high elevation, Prescott remains cool during the summer season as compared to Arizonaโ€™s desert region.

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Those who are interested in the American Southwest pioneer days will surely love visiting the former Capitol City. In the year 1863, Arizona became a Territory, and at the turn of the previous century, the Arizona Territory was nothing but a wild place in which frontier violence was considered a way of life. After joining the Union in 1912, this then became the 48th state.

The historic and charming town of Prescott is a beauty to behold. During the months of summer, along Main Street, sunlight filters through the lush trees and on the grounds of the log cabin mansion and an office of the first Territorial governor which are part of the 3 and a half acre of the compound of Sharlot Hall Museum. The city historic buildings, museums, and homes give you feeling and opportunity to travel back in time.

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This is also where you will find the handsomely furnished one-story Victorian clapboard house of John C. Fremont, the fifth governor of the Territory. Fremont, who is best known for scouting the Old Spanish Trail, and released survey diaries, was appointed in 1878 as the Governor although he resigned after 2 years when the residents raised their objections to his being absent in the Territory.

The museum exhibits and grounds form a sequence of the early history of Arizona. The mansion of the governor was built from the nearby Ponderosa pine logs and is referred to as the mansion due to its large size as well as carefully built construction, unlike the crude cabins that served as the home to most of the early residents of Prescott. Fort Misery is connected through a meandering pathway as well as the oldest log building which remains from territorial days. This was moved to the museum grounds and was reconstructed during the mid-1990s.

The town of Prescott is an epitome of what an American storybook hometown should look, and is also the best-preserved town in Arizona with over 500 buildings on National Register of Historic Buildings. In fact, the Palace Saloon located on Whiskey Row claims that it used to serve Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday.

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Prescott Whiskey Row

All the old watering holes on Whiskey Row remain alive with their stories of the bygone years. While some stories were true, there are some that are a bit exaggerated. But, whatever it is, strolling around the place will give you a glimpse of what life used to be in the place, with the ghosts of the past lingering here and there.

There is more to see and enjoy in Prescott AZ, and one thing is for sure, traveling here is like going into a time machine that brings you back to those good old days of years ago.

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