Prescott Candidate Forum – October 18th


22448360_473187796397565_6121650962582662108_n Prescott Candidate Forum - October 18th

On Wednesday, a public candidate’s forum will be held for the two mayoral and five City Council candidates in Prescott’s upcoming General Election in November. The forum will be held in the Marina Room at the Hassayampa Inn Sunday evening from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Questions for the candidates should be e-mailed in advance of the forum to

The ballots for the election will be mailed out quite soon, and this forum represents a way to ask candidates questions directly about city expansion, water usage issues in that expansion, funding issues, or whatever else you might find important.

It is important to be heard, and to hear the candidate’s responses as well as they differ like “night and day” as Haryaksha Gregor Knauer, Chairperson of GPYC, writes below:

“Municipal elections in Prescott are done exclusively by mail, and in this ‘off-year,’ there are two candidates for Mayor, different as night and day; and five candidates to fill three councilmember seats. Issues to be addressed at this forum: malignant growth, sustainability vis-à-vis water & quality of life.”

Please attend if you can make it!

[Posted by Bert Sierra, GPYC Treasurer on behalf of CWAG, Citizen’s Water Advocacy Group who have a major stake in water policies related to City expansion. The forum is sponsored by the Central Arizona Partnership, YCCA, and Prescott Chamber of Commerce.]

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