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Benefits of Prescott Condos and Townhouse Communities

Have you ever considered living in a Prescott condo, townhouse or patio home? Condo’s can be a wonderful thing. For anyone who doesn’t know, these types of homes are basically crossbreeds between houses and apartments. You get the ownership a house affords, while you get easy maintenance of an apartment. So, just like owning a house, you purchase a patio home or a townhouse and own it outright. However, other facets of condo living are closer to that found in apartment living. For example, a number of condominiums share adjoining walls with each other and other owners share common walls and ceilings/floors with residents above and below them.

Even though these types of homes have many advantages, you need to understand there’s no getting around the close proximity of your neighbors. Another important consideration is if you live in a condominium building, your living space could be located above or below someone else’s unit. With this, noise can come from many directions. Some of these types of homes in Prescott are single level and take space into consideration, while others are multi-level with bedrooms generally on the second level.

Like most things in life, you can find pros and cons with condos. Ask anyone who has lived in an apartment or condominium about their experiences. Some absolutely love and prefer this style of living, while others may have had a bad experience and despise such living conditions. Here are #6 reasons you may be drawn living the condominium life.

  1. No yard: For some, this would be a negative. Although, having no yard is probably the biggest appeal of owning a patio home or a townhouse. No yard, low maintenance living.
  2. The price: For the most part, the cost of a condo or a townhouse compared to a house is generally lower and more affordable. However, this can often times depend upon the size and location of the home, but typically, condos are more affordable even in more expensive markets.
  3. The sense of Community: Most Condo owners are more inclined to live closer in proximity to each other than your typical suburban homeowner. Often times, homeowners are in search of space and desire larger yards to help separate them from their neighbors.
  4. Maintenance: Maintenance of a house can be timely and for many people nothing more than a hassle for their already busy routine. When living in a townhouse, you generally don’t worry about more than flooring and paint. With most exterior work being covered in the HOA. Also, there’s usually an on-site handyman who can do most of the repairs or remodeling you desire.
  5. Shared Amenities: A lot of complexes have some common areas, walking paths, parks for kids, basketball courts, gyms or just open spaces for pets and children. Depending on where you live in, driving to the gym or needing to go somewhere to jog can be a hassle and these communities may offer an all-in-one functionality for its residents.
  6. Security: Today, a number of patio home and townhouse communities are gated and/or have some form of security measures (whether through surveillance or actual security guard). Some buildings have front doors that require a special key to enter the building, and then another key is required to get into his or her unit. The degree of difficulty increase for any home intruder to try to steal another neighbor’s flat screen T.V.

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