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Have you ever hired someone who didn’t produce the results you paid for? Or did horrible work leaving you worse off. I believe reviews and recommendations are helpful for potential clients to gather important when buying or selling a home. Going to any old directory service site can be troublesome without knowing the source. That is why I decided to make a web page devoted primarily to highlighting handyman (handy people) I have personally worked with, know and/or trust. This way, anyone who knows and trusts me can feel confident when looking for another professional in the industry.

Licensed or Unlicensed Prescott Handyman

Today, we live in a society where Reviews and Recommendations are becoming more and more important to the success of a business. From previous research, I have read that around 92 percent of all customers agree that word-of-mouth references are the biggest reason they select a product or service. This report was back in 2013, but fast forward to today with the growth of social media, we can see almost every aspect of a company in an open and public forum. So, building trust and good client relationships is really fundamental to both customers and entrepreneurs alike.

Please take a look at the small list of preferred professionals I have gathered below:

Licensed Contractors

  1. Kern Kendall Construction – (928) 710-7306
  2. Aspen Valley Homes / Mark Van Warmer – (928) 708-9877

Handyman Services

  1. Captain Ron Handyman – (928) 460-0315
  2. Randy Handyman’s Service – (928) 308-0569


  1. Hanna’s Landscaping Management – (928) 830-1984


  1. Captain Ron Handyman – (928) 460-0315
  2. Prescott Flooring Brokers – (928) 445-2544


  1. Badger Roofing – (928) 771-8770
  2. Granite Basin Roofing – (928) 772-9222


  1. Adam Strombeck / Strombex Electrical – (707) 599-4021

Home Inspectors

  1. Professional Building Consultants – (928) 445-4769

Heating & Cooling

  1. Jungle Cat Heating & Cooling, LLC (928) 27-3228

A handyman is also described or known as a handyperson or handy worker. This type of person should have a wide range of skills to offer various repairs around a home. For example, these skills should include trade skills like drywall, flooring, and painting. Handyman service skills should encompass repair jobs and maintenance work for both interior and exterior side work. This position doesn’t require the Handyman being licensed and are usually popular to both parties with savings being passed upon to the person needing the work done. Although, since handyman may not be licensed, it becomes even more important to get good recommendations or read reviews to ensure you’re not getting into something that ends badly.

  • This list of service providers is under construction and still being reviewed to display only the best local businesses in Prescott, AZ.

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