Top #7 Apps for Prescott Home Buyers and Sellers

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Best Apps for Prescott Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

Donny’s Top 7 Apps for Prescott Home Buyers and Sellers

Anyone who has bought or sold a home knows there are a number of tasks within this process. Nowadays, technology is making everything easier for today’s consumers. For example, certain apps on the iPhone and iPad are definitely worth looking into to make this a more pleasurable and efficient journey for you.

  1. A PicNote – Ever seen over 10 houses at a time and had a hard time keeping focused on which one had this or that? A PicNote is a great app for anyone house shopping who wants to be more organized and not overloaded with information to remember. A PicNote makes the process easier by allowing a person to add notes to individual photos he or she may snap during their showings. This way, you can organize the homes you like by pictures and notes mentioning the ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’. You can even get creative with the choice of five fonts and over 50 Text Frame colors and styles.
  2. – I couldn’t leave this one off (same applies to Zillow & Trulia). However, I am partial to and most of my clients recently are predominantly using this app to find homes on a daily basis. This app is also available in Android and iOS. makes the job easier for agents and puts a lot of buyers at ease being able to see daily ‘New Listings” from over 800 Multiple Listing Services. Pros are being extremely user friendly and able to see detailed photos, property information such as sales history and property taxes for individual homes. Cons are not being able to get more refined searches with searching parameters, like subdivisions.
  3. Redfin – This is a great app for real estate agents and Prescott home buyers and sellers alike. Refin is a mobile app that covers 83 major United States markets and specializes optimizing prospective buyer searches with updates every 15 minutes. This is perfect for anyone trying to keep an eye on new listings coming on the market for their certain area.
  4. Houzz – Planning to remodel or renovate your new home? This app allows users to streamline the entire renovation process and help design his or her new home. Houzz provides both buyers and sellers the opportunity to look through 9 million interior design photos, decorating ideas, home décor and much more all within one app. There’s even a Realtor only category where agents can have the opportunity to list themselves with a profile for FREE. Did you hear that Realtor friends?
  5. LingoDiction – Here’s a fun free app for anyone confused about Realtor lingo and just wanting to learn real estate terminologies that are commonly used. This app includes over 2000 words and definitions with a text to speech option to hear how the words are even pronounced. Some may say this is silly, but I believe it makes the home buying process more fun. Reminds me of my first trip to Mexico and being excited to say Donde’ esta elbano’.
  6. Mortgage Calculator – Here’s another free app that allows a person to realize how much of a down payment they may prefer before committing to a house. This app will determine the monthly cost of the house he or she finds here in Prescott, AZ while they are out searching for that new home. The information on this app also includes current mortgage and refinance rates and is one of the most popular mortgage apps on the market.
  7. Homesnap – This would be the Snap Chat of real estate, by allowing potential buyers the opportunity to snap a photo of any home nationwide and then get instant results back that include MLS info, photo’s, additional documents and information like property taxes and even census data. This is probably one of the best apps for a buyer to get access to agent-only specific MLS data. Home buyers and sellers alike benefit from this great app and its ability to give them more exposure to the marketplace.

In conclusion, there are a number of other apps out there that are important too. However, these are my top seven choices for any Prescott home buyer or seller to look into during his or her home buying or selling adventure. I think it makes everything a little more fun and potentially more organized. In the end, we are all looking for a good experience and this can’t hurt.

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