Prescott Lakes and Golf Swing Tips

Prescott-Lakes-Golfer-Swinging Prescott Lakes and Golf Swing Tips

7 Golf Swing Tips

In the golf swing, the turbines are the large muscles of your hips, back, and legs. Your shoulders, arms, and club shafts are the transmission lines, where levers acting like transformers ratchet up the power until finally the energy is dumped to the end user–the golf ball, for practice at home, click the link. Power begins at the source: If you fail to coil, the amount of power available for transfer is reduced

  1. Switch On The Power: Here’s a simple thought to help turn on your power switch: Your weight shift and the clubhead should travel in the same direction. During the backswing, both the weight and the clubhead move away from the target; during the downswing, the direction switches–your weight and your clubhead move toward the target.
  2. Pre-Round Tips: Before your round, ensure that you’re nice and loose. I like the Superman Stretch. Stand with both arms stretched out in front of you. Reach under your left arm and curl your right wrist behind your left elbow. Keeping this relationship, place your right palm on the right side of your face (see photo). Now, bend from your hip joints into your golf posture. Make a slow-motion backswing. Hold at the top for 30 seconds, then reverse for the other side.
  3. Own A Release: A horse and rider arrive at a seven-foot wall at top speed when, suddenly, the horse stops, catapulting the rider over the jump. The image that’s important for your golf swing is the passing along of energy because this is how you transmit power to the golf ball.
  4. Remember To Rebound: As you swing through the golf ball, your club whips past your body at a high rate of speed, a result of your body whirling around your front hip joint. In order to stay balanced while you whirl, your spine must be allowed to tilt slightly away from the target–the correct reaction to the demands of physics known as staying behind the ball. Depending on your strength, flexibility and swing pattern, you may have more or less spinal deflection (in the five- to 10-degree range), but all good players have some spinal rebound.
  5. Check Your Lies: With misfit lie angles, it’s easy to groove a swing error. Lie angles that are too upright (toe up) at impact cause your ball to finish left of target. If they’re too flat (toe down), your ball flies wide right. If you make good swings and the ball consistently flies to the right of the target, it won’t be long before you introduce an over-the-top move to pull the ball back to target. If your ball flies left, you’ll learn to delay your hands to block the ball back to target. Bottom line: Have your lies checked.
  6. Make The Right Choice: One thing you have complete control of on the golf course is deciding which 14 clubs you’ll use for the round. While you have a core set composition that doesn’t vary much, there should be room for specialty clubs in your gameday set, depending on the course and the conditions. For example, if you’re playing a course with large greens, you might carry two putters–a chest-anchored one for short putts and a regular-length model for lags. Other choices include wedges with varying degrees of bounce and loft for varying sand textures, utility woods, a four-degree closed and a four-degree open driver for doglegs, a long-shafted driver for long courses and a rescue club for courses with high rough.
  7. Picking the proper course: In Prescott, I would recommend beginners starting at Antelope Hills, which is a public course and quite affordable to play. For those looking for more challenging conditions, I would suggest the beautiful Prescott Lakes subdivision. Prescott Lakes is one of the most popular subdivisions in town and has some of the best on the market today.  Centrally located this subdivision offers it all with proximity to shopping, downtown shops, local restaurants and the areas medical offices hospital. Take into account that Prescott Lakes has arguably the most amenities offered to their residents in the city of Prescott, which also comes with higher HOA fee’s than other areas too. These are all important considerations when you’re choosing this next stage in your life. If you plan to golf, use the pools in the summer, the fitness center and dine at the restaurant a few times here and there, then the community association dues make more sense. Prescott Lakes homes for sale are some of the best options for anyone looking to live a golfers dream living next to a great course with wonderful amenities.

prescott-lakes-golf-course-1 Prescott Lakes and Golf Swing Tips

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