Weather Report

Prescott, AZ Seasonal Weather Statistics and Data

Prescott is known for having wonderful living conditions and some of the best weather around. We are considered Arizona’s mile-high city with a high elevation of 5,347 feet and cool mountain breezes keeping our temperatures from getting to the extreme heat of Phoenix. Summers are gorgeous and the average temperature hardly ever goes past 85 degrees. We are known for having 277 days of sunlight and our humidity averages around 45% year-round. Average rainfall is 19 inches per year with the average snowfall being around 21 inches per year (which usually melts as soon as the sun hits it).

On the other hand, Prescott Valley gets 13 inches of rain per year. With the United States averaging 37 inches of rain and 16 inches of snowfall you can see how we stack up.

High °F Low °F   High °C Low °C
52 24 January 11 -5
55 26 February 13 -3
60 31 March 15 -1
67 37 April 19 3
76 45 May 25 7
86 53 June 30 12
89 60 July 32 16
86 59 August 30 15
81 51 September 27 11
72 40 October 22 4
61 30 November 16 -1
52 23 December 11 -5
70 40 Year 21 4


Prescott Monsoon’s

Check out the video below to see some footage of my daughter and her cousins dancing in the warm weather rains of Prescott, AZ. In the summer, usually mid-July, we have some of the best Monsoon weather. This is one of my favorite times of the year. Most of your days are in the mid 80’s and we will get awesome rain cooldowns to enjoy like the one below. Every weekend during the summer there’s something going on in downtown Prescott, AZ. Home to the ‘Worlds Oldest Rodeo’ we get many Phoenix and California tourists who enjoy our clear air and perfect temperatures. Hope you enjoy the video.


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