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Technology is really changing the landscape within business

Today Realtors (as well as others in the industry) do business dramatically different from the past and are impacted by technology in the way they handle their operation. Let’s look at a couple of examples illustrating how technology is affecting real estate.

Information Inaccuracies Combined With Consumer Access Is Troublesome For Agents
Today, somebody who has an interest to buy or sell a property can quickly discover the perceived value of a home. For example, anyone can search the value of other homes in that area by doing a fast web search. Thanks to innovating websites like, Zillow, and even Trulia, today’s public can access a ton of information comfortably from home. This arms today’s consumers with knowledge that only agents had access to in the past. One issue with this can be seen through lack of experience and knowledge with certain data inaccuracies. Consequently, realtors have to deal with this when it comes to managing client expectations.

Tech Can Make it Difficult to Maintain the Personal Touch Needed in Real Estate
Having a personal touch with your clients is exceptionally important in the real estate business. Face to face meetings are required to develop the partnership between a Realtor and his or her client. This would be an essential step in buying or selling a home. Social media and also various other technology could facilitate creating that relationship, but it holds true personal contact strengthens it. Anyone in the business should discover how to utilize these technology advances with harvesting a good personal relationship with his or her client. Regardless, of the advantages found from only relying upon apps and various other technologies that take away from human experience.

Real Estate Agents Can Use Technology to Help Customers Narrow Their Search
Darren Best of Savoy Stewart, a West London industrial real estate firm has this to spoken, “Thanks to technology, customers can come to our internet site, as well as limit the residential properties that intrigue them utilizing a variety of requirements. After that, once we have their brief listing we are better able to assist them.” Much less time invested finding out just what clients actually desire permits agents to optimize their efficiency to their customers.

Tech Has Really Automated The Appraisal Process
The task of evaluating a house has generally been a labor intensive and also paperwork intensive process. The good news is, technology has offered alleviation to appraisers in both of these areas. The job of gauging a property could be quite time consuming. Currently, technology such as laser determining gadgets make the process more streamlined and less labor intensive. There are even new apps that help appraisers with time management and data entering tasks. For example, there’s even the ability to compare comparable homes based upon existing appraisal data at the push of a button.

Those who adapt and are tech savvy will always have the ability to grow their business. Properly done, they will be able to utilize newer technology as a way to boost business. This can improve or streamline tasks that took time and open a schedule to more important tasks seen through establishing better client relationships. Information accuracy will continue be the main concern in how this will impact the future of real estate.

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