Support The Citizens & Bees of Cidra – October 21st

Come & Support The Citizens & Bees of Cidra

Hello y hola to our friends/amigos from the US and Puerto Rico!

Please join us for an evening of hope, as we come together to celebrate the caring community of Prescott, AZ by raising funds to support the immediate needs of the citizens, and bees of Cidra, Puerto Rico.

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Cidra is known as the “Ciudad da la Eterna Primavera – Town of Eternal Spring.” The people of Cidra were directly hit by the eye of Hurricane Maria. In the wake of the damage over 80% of the vegetation was stripped from the island. This has greatly compromised the immediate needs of the citizens of Cidra, and the long-term needs of the islands bee population.

Your participation will go to the creation of an emergency fund that will support the immediate needs of the people of Cidra, PR. In addition, a Community Garden, and Bee Sanctuary will be created on a designated plot of land donated by Rey’s family (Rivera-Serrano). Our hope is to instill support for the citizens and bees of Cidra, and for the future prosperity of the island of Puerto Rico!

What can WE do to show OUR support?

1. Not in Prescott? Join our Fundly Account, and make a direct donation. Share the link and get others involved too! Link to fundraiser:

2. Somewhere out there? Show support by sponsoring your favorite “Prescott Puerto Rican.” Purchasing 50/50 raffle tickets. The Puerto Rican that sells the most tickets will dump a gallon of honey on the losers head! Winner will be announced via LIVE Facebook feed.

3. In Prescott? Come have FUN and celebrate with us!

* “Bingo for Bees” cards for sale. Games start at 5:00 PM.
* 50/50 raffle. Tickets available until 6:45 PM. A drawing will
take place at 7:00 PM!
* Music, karaoke and live entertainment all night long!
* Mini salsa lessons throughout the evening.
* Bring a potluck dish and your beverage(s) of choice!
* Don’t want to cook? Soup and beverages available upon donation
until it runs out.

We know you are in! Please RSVP to! Can’t wait to see you there, or to see your pledged support online! Thank you y muchas gracias!

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