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Pros & Cons of Using Zillow to Find a House


Gone are the days where we did stuff manually. Today, everything can be done online and it is no wonder that Zillow helps individuals who don’t have time for house hunt, find their ideal homes from their living room. There are pros and cons for every service and Zillow is no any exception. Shall we find out what they are?


Why Search Homes for Sale with Zillow?


An appraisal by a certified professional to determine the right selling cost for your home costs a few hundred dollars. Zillow offers a free estimate “Zestimate” as they’re called, where the value of your home is calculated using a “propriety” algorithm that uses both your inputs and that of public.


Zillow works across different electronic devices, so you are not restricted to your PC or Laptop. Your mobile or tablet would do equally good!


Zillow gives users get both minimum and maximum Value Range for their property can give the buyers or sellers an idea on the pricing. Also, using first-rate neighborhood mapping and various search tools and filters can help know more details like under construction or newly constructed or even foreclosures, etc.


Zillow offers resources for both buyers and sellers and suggestions for home design products, ideas for home improvement, etc.


It is easy for buyers or sellers to create an advert or post in Zillow and wait for inquiries, without having to scour around the entire country for a suitable home, or for finding a buyer.

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Negative Aspects of only using Zillow


Zillow is a site that offers a convenient platform for buyers and sellers to find or sell homes. Part of their add-on service is “Zestimate”. This is NOT an appraisal and often considered inaccurate. This means you will still need a professional appraisal if you are looking to submit information for a loan or get accurate home value.



Zestimates are even harder to figure in real estate markets like Prescott, AZ where neighborhoods and communities are so diverse in comparison to areas like Phoenix that have more track home subdivisions. Also, these estimates aren’t calculated taking into account the locality attractions like amenities and access to transportation, or even in-house features like flooring.


These two are considered major cons, but can’t be taken up at face value, considering the Zestimate is calculated using an algorithm based on inputs from users and public. It cannot be accurate or equated to an appraiser’s account and the name “Zestimate” clearly states it is just that – an estimate!


Another issue many have noted is the documentation process should be taken care of the parties involved. There’s something very important to be said about having a neighborhood or market specialists who will ensure you get top dollar for your home. Whether a service like Zillow makes you overprice your home (having it be on the market too long) or under pricing your home (giving away money right off the bat) you will avoid these issues with an experienced real estate agent. This goes without saying when you don’t use a realtor – right?

Want to see how your home’s value stacks up to a Zestimate? Try my FREE home evaluation here.

Without even taking into consideration the power of having a third party advocate who operates without emotion when negotiating the sale of your home and other key aspects surrounding ‘home inspections’ and requests for repairs. This is where ‘For Sale by Owners’ can run into awkward exchanges that leave one party angry and illustrating why a number of these sales fall through.


To summarize, if you want to buy or sell your home without much ado, finding suitable homes for further review and consideration is just a click away. Zillow and other services like Realtor.com and Trulia give today’s consumers the freedom to do their own searches, market their homes, and more control in a competitive landscape of today’s real estate marketplace.

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